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GH664D Quarto 4 Color Commercial Offset Printing Machine

Features of Quarto 4 Color Commercial Offset Printing Machine:
1. Solid casting iron board (60mm) ensures the high intensity, remarkable rigidity, and good durability of the machine structure.
2. The offset printer adopts accurate precision skew gear transmission and is equipped with clockwise recycled lubricating device to guarantee the print quality and the extended service life of mechanical components.
3. Adopt PLC system in electrical control, separate machine unit control, network transmit, stable and reliable.
4. Double diameter impression cylinder and sheet delivery cylinder make it applicable to a wider paper range, with improved printing speed.
5. Frequency inverter, the maximum printing speed is 13000sheets/hour.
6. Upper swing gyral sheet delivery makes the delivery steady and accurate.
7. Stream feeder feeding and vacuum suction belt on the sheet delivery bridge achieve high speed printing with a wide paper range.
8. Plate cylinder and transfer cylinder is equipped with the bearer, thus achieving balanced plate pressure and good quality prints.
9. Pneumatic clutch, without mechanical impact, quick action and stable performance.
10. Continuous alcohol dampening system with chiller recirculation, separated or integrated mode to suit the different applications.
11. Vacuum suction and upper blower at delivery to accomplish smooth and registered pile delivery.
12. Semi-automatic plate change system brings quick and easy plates change.
13. Plate can be adjusted in axial, circumferential and skew direction without shutdown.
14. Separate inking zone, dampening and inking volume can be adjusted through the human-machine screen.
15. The water and ink tracking speed is self-adjustable in accordance with main motor speed to ensure better the stability of water and ink.
16. Utilize the impressive offset printing technology.

Application of Quarto 4 Color Commercial Offset Printing Machine:
This offset printing machine, as the main offset press used in the printing industry, is widely used for commercial packaging printing.

Specification of Quarto 4 Color Commercial Offset Printing Machine:
Printing speed 2600—13000 (s/h)
Max. sheet size 660×480 (mm)
Min. sheet size 305×230(mm)
Paper thickness 0.04—0.6(mm)
Max. printing area 650×470(mm)
Feed pile height 900(mm)
Delivery pile height 900(mm)
Plate size 670×560×0.3(mm)
Inking rollers 19pcs
Water rollers 4pcs
Plate form rollers 5pcs(4pcs of ink, 1 pc of dampening)
Plate dampening Alcohol
Consumed power 20KW
Machine dimensions 6800×3100×1900(mm)
Machine weight 15000kg
Power Three-phase AC 380V/50HZ

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