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Single Color Offset Printing Machine

    1. Sixto Offset Printing Machine YK5200NP
    1. Sixto Offset Printing Machine YK4700B
    1. Octavo Offset Press
Offset printing machine is also called offset printing press. We are a state owned enterprise, obtained government finance and technique support. Over 30 years. We plays main role of offset printing machine in China. Now, our company is still among the leading manufacturers. Offset printing machine print is by inked image transferred from plate to the rubber blanket, then to printing the surface. Printing paper sheets can be divided into quarto, sixto and octavo. Single color offset printing machine is extensively used for printing business documents, papers, books and magazines for government agencies, schools, medium and small printing houses.

Our company locates in Yinkou city, which is a seaport city in Liaoning province. Therefore, we can provide international shipping directly without long distance China domestic transportation, so that save international shipping cost. Offset printing press, 4 color printing machine, thermal CTP and glue binding machine are available here. Welcome you to contact us!