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HD560 Thermal CTP Platemaker

HD560 Thermal CTP Platemaker
HD560 Thermal CTP Platemaker
1) The process software supports PS and PDF file which is generated by kinds of commonly used plate maker software like InDesign and Word and also other kinds of Image format file.
2) The thermal CTP platemaker can finish RIP color separation, which makes all kinds of image, diagram and characters during the computer plate making into the recordable bitmap information from the maker. This information can be made as CMYK with different precision which have the screening angle.
3) The makeup process function makes the image and the characters finish the makeup on the page after the RIP and also the folding hand process function can demarcate the page number and sequence according to the size of the paper automatically. This totally changes the working pattern of the traditional makeup performance, which makes the operation easy, convenient and fast, thereby resulting in improved efficiency of the thermal CTP platemaker.
4) When the CIP3 is under the process of the ink amount preset, the RIP work on the page, in the mean time of the makeup performance, the layout printing ink information will be interpreted and kept in the PPF files and then transferred into the press by internet. The press controlled will identify and perform the ink preset automatically, so the rationality and accuracy of the ink area distribution of the press is enhanced greatly.
Specifications of Thermal CTP Platemaker
Expose Type External Scanning
Laser Type I. R. Semi-conductor laser diode (0.9W, wavelength 830nm, 32 beam)
Max. Plate Size 550×430mm
Min. 460×370mm
Plate Types Thermal Plate (I.R. 830nm sensitive)
Plate Thick 0.15mm
Resolution 2540dpi
Repeatability ﹤±0.01mm
Speed 3 minutes/plate
Plate Unload-Load Automatic
Operating Environment Normal temperature, 21-27℃, humidity﹤100% non-condensing
Power Engine AC220V±10%, 50Hz, 5A

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