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We offer multicolor commercial offset printing machines, single color offset printing machines, thermal CTP plate machines, Numbering and Perforating Machine, glue binding machines, as well as paper folding machines to worldwide customers. Newspapers, labels, books, brochures and magazines, all can be produced using our machines.

We have over 33 years of manufacturing experience in the offset printing industry, and we have placed this experience into the creation of the highest quality offset printing machines. Our production in the offset press field is listed No.1 in China. We products also have gained an increased share in the international marketplace, including Canada, Spain, Ukraine, Italy, among others.
In order to better satisfy the requirements of our customers in terms of flexibility, low cost and reliability, we offer the solutions of digital inkjet printing + traditional film and plate to achieve quick printing. As a result, our products have found a variety of applications in medium and small printing shops.

As we strive to constantly improve, our attention has focused on increasing product quality and promoting the competitive ability of our company through better design, manufacturing and management. With a high-tech development center, we have established a computer aided design system and internal network system in our company, and implemented ERP management system and on-site 6-S management. We have been awarded the ISO9001 Certification, and all of our products have received CE Certification. In addition, we have earned the ISO14001 Certificate for environmentally sound paper production and overall environmental management.
We are looking forward to working with more international customers. Please contact us to help you with your particular offset printing machine requirements.